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How to Grow an Athlete by Lea Stening

Lea Stening is a superstar when it comes to sports nutrition and paediatrics, with over 40 years of experience. In her latest book. How to Grow an Athlete: From Playground to Podium, she has created a comprehensive ‘go-to’ book for any parent who wants to improve their child’s sporting and academic success.

The book is based on extensive research and science, but Lea writes in an accessible way that is easy to read. The book is divided into six sensible sections, with chapters broken down into further specific subjects, so it is a book you can easily find the information you might need at any given time.

The book covers growth and development and that children are not mini-adults and have specific needs when growing. It examines baseline nutrition and what is actually a healthy diet. There is a lot of information about nutrition when training and finding just the right mix for power and performance. Competition nutrition reveals that timing is everything. Lea also examines various health issues, including weight loss and weight gain, gut health, sleep and self-care. She also discusses ways to make a healthier sporting environment for our young people.

Lea is an expert on all these topics, so she can be trusted for the information she provides, but more than that, she provides clarity when things can be confusing, and How to Grow an Athlete is brimming with practical common sense.

How to Grow an Athlete is a must-read for parents, sports coaches, nutritionists and athletes.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Quentin Wilson Publishing


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