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How to Catch Fish and Where 2 – The Big Fish edition by Mike Rendle

It’s no secret that Kiwi’s like getting out on the water to go fishing…and we like to catch big fish too! Sure, you can catch what you need for a feed and put the rest back, but what if you wanted to catch a truly big fish? Marlin, tuna, swordfish, now that’s what we are talking about. For most golfers, hitting a hole in one is a dream and many – if not all – anglers dream about catching a marlin. There’s a reason why not everyone hits a hole in one, and there’s a reason why not everyone catches a marlin – it’s hard work!

Thanks to Mike Rendle’s new book “How to Catch Fish and Where 2 – The Big Fish edition” ticking the marlin box on your bucket list is going to be one step closer. If you are struggling to catch regular fish - read Mike’s other book “How to Catch Fish and Where – if you want to catch a trophy fish you need this book.

First time big fish hunters won’t find a better place to start than this book. Even if you are more of an ‘old salt’ than the old guy from Jaws, and your walls covered in trophy fish, you are still going to get some great value from this book. Anyone can buy a boat and a few rods, but not everyone is going to catch fish. Think of this book as your embarrassment insurance policy. If you’ve just spent a pile of cash on a boat – then even more on petrol – you want to make sure you are doing it right.

Catching large marlin, tuna, and the likes is very different from stray lining out the back of Rangitoto. FYI – at the time of writing this, I’d just got back from stray lining out the back of Rangitoto using a few choice tips from Mike’s first book! The point that needs to be made, is that getting the big stuff hooked, takes a lot more skill than luck. This book will be your new lucky charm.

But the book doesn’t just focus on Marlin or other blue water beasts – yes, there are other types of ‘big fish’! Mike gives you a very handy guideline to make sure you don’t jump the gun when bragging about your 9kg snapper. Note: It really needs to be another 72 grams heavier to be classed as a big fish…20 pound snappers are magnificent to catch, but if you haven’t read the Big Fish edition, you may never get to experience it.

I’ve got all three of Mike Rendle’s How to Books – the other one is “How to Go Boating and where” – and all three have improved my knowledge and skills catching fish. So much so now that I spend even less time on the water than I used to, even though I now work in the marine industry. Why? Because I catch what I need for a meal so much faster than before and my arms get too tired from catching and releasing so many fish! The best part is that I save fuel money by going to one spot, catching what I need and then heading home, rather than driving all over the harbour trying to find the fish, Mike’s book taught me how to do it right first time.

Now is the perfect time to get a book that will convert you from a person who goes fishing, to a person who catches fish. If you know a fishing enthusiast like that, get them this book and you will reap the benefit because they will come back with fish for dinner – rather than coming back in a grumpy mood and an empty fish bin!

Reviewer: Drew Thompson

Scallop Publishing, RRP $34.99

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