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Hop Along Boo, Time for Bed by Mandy Sutcliffe

Night has fallen, the stars are twinkling in the sky, and as Belle sings a sleep song, she and her best bunny friend Boo are transported to a magical world of imagination. Follow the friends as they explore an enchanting land of dreams, meeting cowboys asleep on the prairie, pirates snoozing in hammocks and fairies fluttering up to soft and cosy beds.

This is a simply gorgeous story. It’s a beautiful, lyrical and soothing tale to be shared and treasured. What makes this book even more special though is the magical and whimsical illustrations.

Sutcliffe loved drawing from an early age and studied illustration at Leeds University, spending part of her degree course in Paris. During this time, she spent hours drawing and painting in Parisian parks, inspired by the world around her. It was while she was in Paris that she heard the name ‘Belle’ and she began to develop the little girl character who would go on to star in her stories.

She draws on her own childhood memories to create the world of Belle and Boo, basing their adventures on her own experiences. She aims to create a world that captures the freedom of childhood; a timeless world of fun, exploration and adventure.

Belle and Boo is actually a United Kingdom lifestyle brand – selling everything from wall decor to stationery, homewares to picture and craft books. This book, while marketed as being by Sutcliffe, is actually written by Mark Sperring. It’s a shame he isn’t credited more for his writing. It perfectly matches the illustrations in lyrical form. It relaxes and calms and reads just like a lullaby.

It’s a sweet, magical little book that is perfect for snuggling up with and sharing with your little ones at the end of a long day.

REVIEWER: Rebekah Fraser

TITLE: Hop Along Boo, Time For Bed

AUTHOR(S): Mandy Sutcliffe


RRP: $19.99


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