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Hide by S. J. Morgan

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Gripping, suspenseful and peppered with unexpected twists and turns, Hide, will keep you turning the pages…..‘ I’ll just read another chapter…..'

The novel opens in Australia with the main character, Alec Johnstone, hitching to Alice Springs. He flags down a truckie who says he’s on his way there. Alec’s feeling of luck at the ride turns to mild concern - are they on the right road? – which, in turn, develops into the realisation that his life may very well be in serious danger.

Months before, Alec shared a house with Stobes, Black and Minto. Alec isn’t exactly finding himself because he’s not particularly keen on looking but what he needs is a cheap room. Even though his house mates appear a bit on the shady side, he believes he can look after himself if need be. Then he meets Sindy. Her boyfriend, Minto is abusing her. Alec begins to feel sympathy for her. He becomes involved. The abuse intensifies. Sindy is badly beaten. Alec’s parents become involved. Sindy must be protected from Minto, they must help her escape. But Minto is much more powerful, his influence so much more far reaching than they could ever have imagined. How can they rescue Sindy?

SJ Morgan uses short chapters to create a fast-moving pace, the novel is structured to extract the most from the tension-packed narrative, the writing is sharp and strong and the characters well drawn. A must for holiday reading.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Midnight Sun Publishing


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