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Healthy Kelsi by Kelsi Boocock

During New Zealand’s first lockdown, 23 year old Kiwi surfer and diver Kelsi Boocock set up @healthykelsii to share healthy recipes. She quickly drew thousands of followers and has written and photographed her first book.

“For me, being healthy isn’t about being on some fancy diet, but more about nourishing your body and fuelling it with a variety of colourful, whole, plant-based foods,” she says.

Kelsi has created a colourful collection of vibrant salads, smoothies, meals and treats. She draws inspiration from the flavours of Indonesia, Italy, Japan and Fiji, where she spent part of her childhood.

“I wanted to create a book that could not only help people make delicious food, but also help people feel their absolute best. Eating a wide variety of plants has helped me to create a balanced lifestyle without ever compromising on taste or flavour. I honestly believe Healthy Kelsi is suited for everyone. Even my dad and boyfriend, who love meat, absolutely demolish every single recipe in this book!” she says.

Kelsi’s enthusiasm (and vibrant summer photography) has inspired me to create her Omega-3 French Toast with flaxmeal, scrambled tofu breakfast tacos and miso smashed pumpkins with herbs and dukkah. I also enjoyed Kelsi’s recipe introductions, sharing her adventures and experiences.

Recipes aside, there are particularly useful sections on ingredient substitutes and back to basics. Follow Kelsi online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Bateman Books, RRP $39.99

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