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Heal by Pete Evans

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Heal is the latest book by Pete Evans, who is a chef, and a judge on My Kitchen Rules. This isn’t a recipe book though, it’s a book with 101 simple ways to improve your health.

Heal is divided into sections such as Nourish, Move, Play, Rest, Create, Reflect and Connect, and then within those sections, Pete has short chapters that go into more detail, along with stunning images. So it is a very easy book to browse through, and is a very handsome production.

I’ve cherry picked some of my favourite tips from the book:

• Pete suggests you enjoy a vegetable rainbow, so as well as being attractive on your plate, it’s much better for you.

• He talks about hydration and how if you don’t drink enough water you might be suffering from tiredness, pain and inflammation.

• Get some daily sunshine. It’s enjoyable and just 10 minutes will give you the vitamin D you need.

• Move in ways you love. For Pete it’s surfing, for me it’s swimming, or walking or dancing. But finding the way you love to move is good for body and soul.

• Go barefoot. Apparently, it improves our balance and posture.

• Sing. I love he mentions this, because as well as being fun, singing is great for your mental health.

• Stop comparing yourself to others. It just leads to you feeling I’m not smart enough/not attractive enough/ not good enough… the list can go on and on. Rather look at the beauty in others but stop comparing!

• Have a pet in your life. Cuddles from pets are really good for you!

And my favourite tip? Easily this one. Open your mind by reading. ‘If you want a superfood for the brain, read from a book every single day.’

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan Publishers

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