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Hairy Maclary and Friends: Meet the Gang by Lynley Dodd

This colourful board book is a great introduction to the world of Hairy Maclary, starring Hairy Maclary – of course – together with six of his best friends and his “mighty, magnificent” arch-enemy. (Don’t be fooled by the cover though – two of the characters frolicking there don’t feature in the book.)

The book has fewer words and less adventurous action than other classic Hairy Maclary tales. A series of “Who is…?” questions give little readers a chance to tell you who they recognise.

                Who is handsome and dashing and covered in spots?

                It’s Bottomley Potts!

Bubble-shaped tabs around the edge of the book make it easy to find your family’s favourite personality. You could also use the tabs for a “Where is…?” game, or to match each of the main characters on the cover with their corresponding bubble.

It’s a fun and fast book to read aloud, ending with an opportunity for readers big and little to do their best Scarface Claw imitation: EEEEEOOOOWWWWFZZZZZZ! (The spider on that page made my heart leap a little too.)

Reviewer: Anne Kerslake Hendricks

Penguin Random House New Zealand




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