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Hairy Maclary and Friends: Cuddle and Play by Lynley Dodd

The Hairy Maclary series is a very popular series at our house. Even our 13 year old will read them, just not admit that he does. Our biggest reader is actually our 20 month old toddler, he can’t get enough of books and ones that make noises when you squish them? Yeah, you can bet that they are superpopular.

This cuddle and play ‘book-let’ comes packaged ready for a gift for a special young reader. The see through box lets you see what you are getting and it does add a bit of prestige to it in my opinion.

Babies and toddlers will love the wonderful artwork and the scrunching noise that the cloth book produces. Along with tactile enjoyment, Lynley Dodd’s easily recognisable rhymes are on each of the pages.

It’s a great little book for you little ones, or to give as a gift to a new niece or nephew.

REVIEWER: Drew Thompson

TITLE: Hairy Maclary and Friends: Cuddle and Play

AUTHOR(S): Lynley Dodd

PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

RRP: $26.00


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