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Growing Up by Rachel Greener

Every day, all of us grow a tiny bit older, and every day, our bodies are changing in one way or another. So how do you get from being a child to being an adult?

This book is an honest, accessible and inclusive guide to puberty.

From getting taller and discovering hair growing in new places to developing breasts, experiencing periods or having wet dreams, author Rachel Greener broaches these topics and more in friendly and accessible language.

It can be shared with a child, or read independently.

Greener worked closely with a LGBT organisation, biology specialist and an equality, diversity and inclusivity consultant on this hard-cover resource. It covers everything from biological sex and gender identity, to physical development and emotional health, to online safety and respecting boundaries.

Illustrator Clare Owen really understood the brief with this book too - her artwork features a diverse array of characters, with different skin tones, body shapes and abilities represented within the pages. Her artwork is bright and colourful, and she includes little details that can lead to deeper conversations with readers.

A further reading section and glossary signposts where readers can find trusted resources outside of their home or school environment.

Written in friendly and accessible language that can be shared with a child or read independently, Growing Up also includes a further reading section and glossary to answer more complex questions, as well as signposting where young readers can find help from trusted sources outside of the home or school environment.

An inclusive guide to puberty, this is a wonderful resource and a great stepping stone for any caregiver to have an open conversation with their children about growing up.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Allen & Unwin


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