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Greenstone Carving by Len Gale

First published in 1997, Greenstone Carving: Techniques and Concepts in Pounamu is a sought-after guide to selecting and carving pounamu.

This redesigned and enlarged reprint showcases the late Len Gale's superb craftsmanship, but also his skills as a teacher. Gale has a gift in explaining creative processes in simple terms.

Greenstone Carving has been out of print but in demand for the past 20 years. Those keen to learn more about the precious taonga are in luck. The book takes readers from the origins of pounamu and greenstone through to the basics of the artform. Gale explains simply and succinctly design elements, essential tools and techniques, stone types and safety.

From making basic holes and discs to the creation of popular designs, the text is accompanied by detailed drawings and photographs of carvings in all stages of creation.

A glossary and further reading provide more information for those keen to delve deeper into the traditional artform.

Gale's love and respect for the artform, and the material, is evident throughout this book. He urges more people to take up the challenge of working with pounamu. This book will hopefully ignite the passion in the next generation of carvers.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Oratia Books


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