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Grandad’s Wheelies by Jack Lasenby

Teller of tall tales and wonderful yarns, Jack Lasenby is back to entertain kids with his new book Grandad’s Wheelies.

When Jack visits his grandparents Grandad and Granny tell him stories, each trying to outdo each other with their wild and wonderful stories. If you believe Grandad and Granny then they single handled created New Zealand with their bare hands.

This is a very funny book, celebrating that special bond kids can have with their grandparents. And Jack is just old enough to be skeptical of the stories, but as Jack’s mother rightly says, “In a way, all Grandad and Grannie’s stories are true.”

Bob Kerr has done a nice job of the lively black and white illustrations to accompany the story. There aren’t a huge number in a book targeting this age group, but there are just enough to keep the book from looking too serious for its readers.

Lasenby is a master of his genre, and Grandad’s Wheelies will be enjoyed by kids everywhere.

REVIEWER: Heidi North-Bailey

TITLE: Grandad’s Wheelies

AUTHOR(S): Jack Lasenby


PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

RRP: $16.99


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