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Golden in Death by J.D. Robb

Golden in Death is a novel that I’d term a guilty pleasure. It a futuristic crime thriller featuring Detective Eve Dallas and her gorgeous billionaire husband, Roarke. She has a tragic past, but now spends her days tracking down killers, and Roarke is considering buying a planet or two, but has time to help his wife investigate the cases from outside the police system. Golden in Death is the 50th book in this series, written by J.D. Robb, which is a pen name for the bestselling author Nora Roberts.

Kent Abner is a doctor, husband and father – a man much loved and respected, when he is found dead in his home after receiving a parcel. Eve and her team quickly learn how, where and when he was killed, but the why remains a huge mystery. They work the case and are interviewing colleagues, when a second victim is discovered murdered in exactly the same way – she breathed in toxic fumes after opening a parcel delivered to her door. So now Eve is on a race again time to track down a serial killer with a weapon of choice that could wipe out half of New York.

It’s a fabulous escapist read. For anyone who likes crime fiction with some sexy romance, I’d suggest giving this book a go! Golden in Death is a really nice blend of suspense and humour, and the author has a great talent for creating characters that are extremely likeable. And the added bonus? If you enjoy this novel you can binge read the other books in the series.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan



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