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Gardener’s Quiz and Puzzle Book by Simon Akeroyd and Dr Gareth Moore

What do you get when an expert gardener and puzzle master collaborate? The perfect puzzle book for gardening enthusiasts!

Garden expert Simon Akeroyd and quiz master Dr Gareth Moore have created more than 100 brainteasers to test your botanical knowledge. There’s short quizzes, challenging anagrams of Latin species names and questions for every level of gardening knowledge.

Some puzzles ask you to identify plants from their pictures or other clues. Others are mix and match style puzzles where you have to arrange answers correctly in pairs. A range of gardening topics is included to test your knowledge with chapters divided into specialist subjects; plant identification, botany and plant science, famous gardens, plants from around the world, garden history, wildlife, green gardening, fruit and vegetables, shrubs and trees, pests and diseases, herbaceous and annual plants and gardening basics.

Beautifully illustrated and presented, this is a delightful book to gift to friends and family who enjoy gardening. Thankfully, the answers are included!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Exisle Publishing, RRP $29.99


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