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Food in a Minute: The New Everyday

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Food in a Minute has been part of our lives for the past 22 years, and this brand new book is all about smart cooking for busy people, and it features more than 100 recipes.

The philosophy behind the new book is that it’s a modern collection of simple, practical and delicious food. So as well as their most popular everyday favourites, they’ve added some tasty new recipes that tap into popular food trends. So the magic to the recipes is that they keep them simple and achievable. Di Swann is the Food Editor and she’s done a fabulous job with the recipe choices.

Some stand outs from the book are:

Super Corn Fritters. These make a great light lunch or dinner and are a wonderful way to enjoy your veggies.

The One Pan Italian Chicken and Orzo. Love that this is a one pan dish, so super easy to cook and won’t make a big mess of your kitchen. The prep time is only 15 minutes too! It’s a delicious meal packed full of flavour.

The Double Chocolate Beetroot Cupcakes. They look delicious and look easy to make as well!

Beetroot Veggie Burgers. I love that the patties are made out of chickpeas, and I think a burger isn’t really a burger unless you add some beetroot, so this recipe ticks that box.

This is food that keeps it real, and it encourages people to get into the kitchen and to come together to enjoy good food.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Hachette


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