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Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map by Kat Quin

Flit the fantail takes flight in his third book, this time on a nighttime adventure to capture a star shining brightly on the horizon.

It is one of a cluster of nine stars and Flit is determined to explore. But when he gets lost, wise Ruru swoops down and Flit learns about Matariki stars and navigation.

Kat Quin's adorable artwork will delight once again, with gorgeous critters, native New Zealand flora and fauna and dreamy night sky vistas gracing the pages. Flit is full of character, as usual and the little ladybird keen readers might have spotted from Flit's previous adventures is present here too.

A te reo Māori edition is also available, but it would have been nice to see the two together in one book. Seeing both languages side-by-side allows readers to view both languages as equally important, aids in learning a second language, and opens up the book to a much wider audience. That said, the English edition does include some very basic te reo Māori for those taking their first steps.

Quin introduces readers to lots of examples of figurative language, especially alliteration.

As Matariki celebrations become more popular in mainstream New Zealand, there is a desire for more children's books to help fill knowledge gaps about this important time. Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map isn't really a story about Matariki per se. However, it does offer a simple introduction to the time for younger readers as Quin touches on navigation and the cluster. Flit's adventure is more a story of problem-solving and working together.

A sweet little story about a cute character, Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map is a book that littler readers will treasure.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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