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Finding True Connections by Gareth St John Thomas

Finding True Connections is an invaluable guide for anyone writing up someone’s personal history. It is a handsome hardback manual that is hands-on, and it provides comprehensive guidance and instruction. The book is divided into structured sections, such as Family History, Early Years, Adulthood, Marriage and Parenthood, Retirement Years, as well as Reflections on Self, The Cultural World, and The Future, and also advice people might like to leave to children and grandchildren.

Through the book, there are 100 key questions, along with additional context and cues for other questions, which will help people get to the heart of the person being interviewed and what they are really like. It also goes into what to look for and traps to avoid.

The written style of the book is very warm and supportive, and the author, Gareth St John Thomas, has drawn on leading experts, including psychologists and family historians, when writing the book.

‘Our individual memories define us. Our tribal memories unite us. If these are missing parts of us are missing too. This book will help you to safely ensure that your family’s memories do not slip away.’

Finding True Connections is an excellent book and is recommended for anyone writing a personal or family history.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Emotional Intelligence, an imprint of Exisle Publishing

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