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Fifty Reading Challenges

1. Read a book from the year you were born.

2. Read the original book from a film you have seen.

3. Read a graphic novel based on a book or short story.

4. Then read the original story. Or try it the other way around, story first then graphic novel.

5. Read a book set in the place you were born.

6. Read the biography of someone whose name you recall from your childhood.

7. Read a book set in another world.

8. Read a ghost story.

9. Read a book of poetry.

10. Read a book set in South America.

11. Read a play.

12. Read another book by someone you were made to read at school.

13. Read a modern book based on a play by Shakespeare.

14. Read a book from the ManBooker Longlist from 2017.

15. Read a book by someone who has won the Pulitzer Prize.

16. Read a book written in the 1800s.

17. Read a book that was banned when it was first published.

18. Read a book of history about a country you have never visited.

19. Read a book written by a New Zealand author.

20. Read a short story.

21. Read one short story every day for a month.

22. Read a book written by a French author.

23. Read a thriller set in Scandinavia.

24. Read a historical novel that is completely made up.

25. Read a novel about real events.

26. Read a biography of someone famous.

27. Read a love story.

28. Read a book set in New York.

29. Read a book by someone who has the same name as you.

30. Read a fantasy book.

31. Read the biography of a famous artist.

32. Pick a letter of the alphabet and then read a book from a country that begins with that letter (but don’t choose X).

33. Read a book by an Australian author.

34. Read a book which has spies in it.

35. Re-read a book that you read as a child.

36. Read a collection of short stories.

37. Read the book that was made into a film that won the Best Picture Oscar.

38. Make a recipe from your favourite cook book

39. Make a recipe from a really old cook book.

40. Read a book about an animal.

41. Read a book where the main character has the same name as one of your friends.

42. Read a book set somewhere you have been on holiday.

43. Read a book with a cat on the cover.

44. Read a book where a character has had a job that you have done.

45. Read a book about a road trip.

46. Read a book about a Pop group

47. Read a book about a sports hero.

48. Read a book with a item of food in the title.

49. Read a motivational book.

50. Read a book set in the future.

Marcus Hobson


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