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Feasts by Sabrina Ghayour

Sometimes referred to the ‘golden girl’ of Persian cookery, Sabrina Ghayour is an Iranian-born, award-winning food writer who has produced two previous cookbooks that have been bestsellers. Her latest offering, Feasts, deserves its name for it is a feast for all the senses, with its visually stunning design and tempting photos, and recipes that will inspire.

Feasts is not a cookbook for cooks needing a lot of guidance and detailed instructions, however. After cooking from the book, I felt the instructions are more like a guide, but it is easy to work from for a medium-to-experienced cook. But the dishes themselves are wonderful, exotic and different from other cookbooks out there. I particularly enjoyed the tangy flavours of the Lamb, Plum and Preserved Lamb Stew, although I had to used tinned plums, as fresh plums weren’t in season. But the result was a stew that was even better when reheated, and I served with couscous instead of basmati rice.

I think this is a book that will appeal to many home cooks, and is ideal for meals to share with family and friends. The book is in the following sections: Breakfast & Brunch, Weekend Feasts, Quick-Fix Feasts, Vegetarian Feasts, Summer Feasts, Lighter Feasts, Special Occasions and Comfort Food. So really there is something for every occasion. I particularly like the Cheddar and Fritter Frittata, the Sausage, Potato, Pepper & Onion Bake, and the Caramelised Banana Crepes. The Chicory and Pear Salad looks like something quite different, and I’m going to cook the Yoghurt & Harissa Marinated Chicken, and also the Spice Lamb Pot in the future. I’ve only touched on some of the recipes in this beautifully presented book; there is so much more on offer. The flavours are certainly different from other cookbooks I have cooked from, but they are not too demanding in terms of taste. Feasts gets a big tick from me, and I’m enjoying the flavours of Persian cuisine from this talented chef. This is a cookbook that is going to be used over and over, and much enjoyed!

REVIEWER: Iain McKenzie

TITLE: Feasts

AUTHOR(S): Sabrina Ghayour


RRP: $44.99


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