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Fast, Slow, Let's Go! by Sally Sutton


Borrowing from the childhood song 'This is the Way', a group of children scoot, bike, bus, swing, sail and ride their way across town to join in on a birthday surprise.

Author Sally Sutton and illustration Brian Lovelock team up again to celebrate city, community, transportation and friendship. 

Sutton's stories are always ones that beg to be read aloud, and this one is no different. By utilising the song, each page is effectively repeated, with just a few small changes. Young readers will have fun guessing what type of transport will zoom across the next page, and thanks to the rhythm and structure, will be able to join in with the reading. Sutton's use of onomatopoeia makes this a joy to read aloud for adults.

Lovelock's bright illustrations draw the reader in, sweeping his audience up in the journey too with movement and action. The cover pages and title page are subtle but beautiful too. Lovelock ensures his illustrations echo Sutton's message of inclusivity and diversity too, with readers likely to see themselves reflected back on the page. He hides little details within the pictures too, encouraging children to use the visual cues to decipher where the people may be going.

I can see this book being a fantastic resource in a classroom too, not just for its literacy features. It would serve as a great discussion starter for younger learners looking into technology or transport. 

Fast, Slow, Let's Go is a rollicking ride that will sweep readers, young and old, in a celebration of movement and community.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Walker Books


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