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Embedded by Dave Burt

This fast-paced thriller opens in Afghanistan in 1982, when a botched CIA operation leaves young Ali without a family, changing his life forever and setting him on a quest for vengeance.

The story that follows is about his life, from an innocent young teenager to a man who eventually makes his way to New York, determined to extact revenge against those who killed his family. Along the way he finds love with a beautiful woman and kindred spirit, but will that deter him from his lifelong mission? Or will the Pakistani drug lords, the Mafia, or law enforcement agencies change the course of history? There are many twists and turns as Ali gets closer to enacting his life-long plan. But will he go through with it?

This is an extraordinary debut novel, well-crafted, pacey and with a central character you will care for. It’s impossible to put this book down once you start it. For readers who enjoy Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne, go grab a copy!

Belt yourself in for a high-octane, thrilling read that goes from Afghanistan to New Zealand to New York, with a complicated central character who is part victim, villain and victor. Embedded by David Burt is an outstanding read!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Mary Egan Publishing, RRP $35.00


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