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Ellie Copter: Nee Naw and Friends by Deano Yipadee

There's a fire in the field where two goats - Plinky and Plonky - are trapped. Nee Naw, a small red fire truck, is on the way but a bridge collapses. Nee Naw can't go any further so enlists the help of his friend Ellie Copter, a (you guessed it) helicopter. Ellie whirrs into action and saves the day.

Author Deano Yipadee is back with his seventh sing-along title with Scholastic. The children's musician, author and producer draws on his beloved Nee Naw character to introduce a new friend, Ellie. Fans of Nee Naw will recognise the opening few pages, as Yipadee lets Nee Naw take the lead. However, Ellie is soon left to shine on her own.

The story is also a song, with an easy-to-sing melody and catchy refrain, that can be downloaded or streamed.

The book is great without the accompaniment too though. Illustrator Paul Beavis creates bright, cheeky illustrations that add fun and energy to the story. Transport is always a hit with little readers, and Beavis makes sure both Nee Naw and Ellie are full of character and personality.

There's also important fire safety messages within the story, phrases we all know like "stop, drop and roll" but also some important life lessons. Nee Naw isn't afraid to ask for help when faced with a situation beyond his capabilities.

With a simple rhyme, catchy tune and unique characters, this is a book that little readers will adore.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $19.99


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