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Elizabella Meets her Match by Zoe Norton Lodge and Georgia Norton Lodge

Elizabella is ten and a quarter and the biggest prankster in the history of Bilby Creek Primary School.

It's hard to be good when your head is practically exploding with schemes, she says. When her plans involve making a swimming pool in the playground at school, without consulting a single teacher, her fellow students support her every step of the way.

But what happens when Minnie, an even bigger prankster, shows up? Can Bilby Creek handle them both and more importantly, can they handle each other?

Elizabella is an awesome new character who experiences jealously and self-doubt and doesn't always make the right decisions. My nine year old daughter likes Elizabella because she's sassy, strong, full of fun ideas and very cheeky!

We can't wait for the next book Elizabella, The Great Tuckshop Takeover. This hilarious read suits eight to 12 year olds.

Australian actress Zoe Norton Lodge teamed up with her younger sister Georgia, a graphic designer and illustrator, to create Elizabella.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Walker Books, RRP $16.99


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