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Eco Home by Melinda Williams

New Zealand writer and editor Melinda Williams specialises in architecture and design, and in Eco Home she presents a comprehensive look at everything in your home and the benefits of going green. It’s a fabulous step-by-step guide to living in an eco-friendly, sustainable home. The contents are flexible enough so you can use this book as a guide if you are building, renovating, or in an existing home and just wanting to be more eco-friendly.

The contents are broken down into why you should have an eco-home and the principles of sustainable building. Then after choosing your property and your team, the author examines each part of the home, breaking it into spaces such as the kitchen, the living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the home office, as well as the landscape. She looks at everything from benchtops to lighting to heating to flooring.

The photographs are stylistic and inspirational in terms of design and style, showing current styling of furnishings. I went back after reading the book and looked again at all the helpful technical information on how to have a home off the grid or as much as possible to this ideal. Eco Home is an informative book, perfect for anyone building, renovating or just wanting to live more sustainably.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

Penguin Random House, RRP $45.00


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