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Echo Lake by Joan Sauers

Misty forests, cosy pubs, unsolved murders. Welcome to Echo Lake! Prepare to be haunted by this debut thriller! Set in the scenic Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, this story follows Rose McHugh, a recently divorced historian seeking a fresh start.

However, her new life takes a chilling turn when she uncovers a roll of film buried in her own backyard, revealing photos of a long-missing woman.

Driven by her determination and knack for deciphering clues, Rose defies the advice of the local detective and embarks on her own quest to solve the case. As she delves into a web of tangled secrets and ventures into haunted places from the past, she soon realises the killer may still be at large.

With newly made friends by her side and enemies lurking in the shadows, she edges close to unmasking the suspect. But will she uncover the truth in time to save herself?

Echo Lake is a page-turner that immerses readers in the atmospheric villages and forests of the Southern Highlands. It is a compulsive read, full of suspense. With many plot twists, I was kept guessing until the final moments!

New York-born Joan Sauers is a screenwriter, producer and author who worked in London, Los Angeles and New York before settling in Australia. She has published 14 books.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin


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