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Duck Goes Meow by Juliette MacIver

A little yellow duckling is amongst animal friends who are all sure of the sounds they make: moo, neigh, hiss, cheep and so on. But when Duck goes 'meow', the other animals think Duck has it wrong. When Duck's mother arrives though, they get a big surprise.

Inspired by a real-life furry feathered friendship, this is a fun, quirky and adorable book from the brilliant author Juliette MacIver. MacIver, of Marmaduke Duck and That's Not A Hippopotamus fame, nails it again. Duck Goes Meow is entertaining and perfectly pitched for younger readers. MacIver is a master of rhyme and her talent at making it natural, rhythmic and not a chore for an adult reader is sublime yet again.

Illustrator Carla Martell is the perfect pick to provide the artwork. Her whimsical illustrations add to the fun. The stunning cover gives readers a hint of what is to come inside, with vivid colours and bold details making it memorable and a visual delight. Her animals are quirky, but instantly recognisable and full of character.

Duck Goes Meow is a story you have to read aloud. Younger readers can't help but join in with animal noises, and the first few pages of this book will have everyone within earshot in stitches. It continues throughout the book, until the final page, which will charm everyone within sight.

Duck Goes Meow is an utter delight, perfectly executed by two masters of the picture book. It will be on high rotation in our house for quite some time.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic, RRP $21.99


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