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Dougal the Dancing Kākāpō by Kath Bee

Dougal the kākāpō loves to dance. From tango to hip-hop, ballet to swing, as soon as the music starts, Dougal is on the dance floor.

Illustrator Lisa Allen created the character, starting with a sketch, before Bee wrote a rhyme about the bird. Together they created the book, the cheeky feathered friend shimmies, pirouettes and waltzes across the page.

Allen's drawings are energetic and fun, with lots of bright colour, polka dots and stars giving the book a party-feel.

She illustrates Dougal in lots of costumes and poses, and her 'birdy neighbourhood' features lots of other native birds and a bat that had our little readers in hysterics.

Bee writes Dougal's story in rhyme, and while some of it can feel a little forced, her background in song-writing is evident with a good rhythm throughout. A seasoned performer she knows what children like, and Dougal will be another character that captures their attention.

We had thought the link in the book would take us to Bee singing the book, but instead it links to a compilation of music styles that Dougal explores. Preschoolers will love the video, dancing along and trying out all the different styles. Dougal's originality will also inspire younger readers, passing on the message that you should be true to yourself, and to have fun and do what makes you happy.

Dougal the Dancing Kākāpō is a fun and playful addition that will have preschoolers singing and dancing along with the cheeky kākāpō.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Bateman Books


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