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Don't Worry About the Robots by Dr Jo Cribb and David Glover

Will robots who can work 24/7 steal our jobs? While sensational news headlines forecast a grim future, authors Jo and David explain future trends and how automation may impact our working lives. Their aim is to help New Zealanders take charge, explore what is happening in their industries and take proactive steps to prepare themselves for change. The exponential growth of technology means we are now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time of change predicted to be greater than ever before. Innovations like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, genetics and robotics are already disrupting labour markets throughout the world.

While the nature of work is undoubtedly changing quickly, Jo and David say the future doesn't have to mean bad news! As automation is already disrupting various industries, it is also creating many new work opportunities too.

Don't Worry About the Robots is an incredibly useful guide to managing the next wave of workplace change. It is divided into chapters that explain the future of work, key technology driven trends, career planning and self management. The second chapter in particular, explores the effects of automation, the gig economy, continuous learning and policy being developed to help deal with this disruption. I also enjoyed the profiles featuring smart New Zealanders who know how to survive and thrive, including education futurist Frances Valintine, nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson and entrepreneur Shay Wright.

Whether you are mid career, looking for a change or starting work for the first time, this book provides plenty of inspiration and practical tools to navigate the future of work.

Dr Jo Cribb is the former Chief Executive of the Ministry for Women and was the Deputy Children's Commissioner. She has a doctorate in public policy and lives in Wellington. David Glover is the former CEO of Learning Media and David Forman. He is an Executive Director at Unitec and lives in Auckland.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin, RRP $32.99


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