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Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose

Keep your friends close and your neighbours closer! Welcome to the insta-perfect life of Ciara who boasts a loving husband, well-behaved children and a pristine styled home. However, behind the filters the reality of her life is far from perfect. Neighbour Lauren is mostly happy, but is judged for letting her kids be wild and free. And Mishti is stuck in a loveless marriage, raising her daughter in a country that is unfamiliar and too cold!

When Ciara is found murdered in her home, everyone is under scrutiny as a potential suspect. Hushed whispers and rumours are quickly passed around. Love gone wrong and people behaving badly - everyone has their dirty laundry, but this is beyond gossip!

Dirty Laundry is an entertaining, twisty domestic thriller about the dark side of suburbia – families riddled with lies, bad friendships and manipulative lovers.

Author Disha Bose has lived in Calcutta, London and Dublin. She worked in the tech industry before joining a Masters in creative writing programme in Ireland. Dirty Laundry is her debut novel. Follow Disha Bose online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Viking, RRP $37.00


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