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Dear Princess Meghan by Sophie Siers, illustrated by Katie Wilson

Award-winning author Sophie Siers has another picture book out for young readers, and it’s fabulous!

Emma is a young girl with aspirations. She is inspired by the real Meghan when she became royalty, so decides to write to her, sharing that she has always done acting at home, but now Emma has landed her first big role with the part of Anne Boleyn. Emma thinks this is the best part as she gets to get her head chopped off! But things get difficult at both home and school, when her family won’t treat her like royalty, and her school mates keep forgetting their lines. When her father suggests Emma bring more humility to the role, Emma is stumped.

‘Dad might be right but how am I supposed to be humble and royal at the same time? Boy, this is really going to test my acting skills.’

Similar to Sophie Siers’ internationally-published book, Dear Donald Trump, the series of amusing letters drives the story forward to a satisfying conclusion.

Dear Princess Meghan is a delightful read with lessons about kindness, teamwork and humility at its heart. Topical, relevant and gently humorous, Sophie Siers engaging text is perfectly complimented by the whimsical artwork of Katie Wilson.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Millwood Press, RRP $24.95


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