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Daughters of Eve by Nina D. Campbell

When a high profile murder occurs literally in front of her, Detective Emilia Hart is sure she will be assigned the case. Until now, her caseload has been an endless succession of domestic violence matters. Emilia hopes her presence as a witness will provide an opportunity for her to expand her caseload into other areas.

But this is no simple investigation as another body turns up, then another, and then even more! All the murder victims were men, and shot with a similar modus operandi.

Soon a group calling themselves Daughters of Eve begin taking credit for the murders. The Daughters of Eve confirm the link between the victims, all of them had been perpetrators themselves. All had offended against women or children, few had been charged and none convicted.

Meanwhile, panic sets in and chaos begins to rule the streets before the military is engaged to protect a city in fear.

As time passes, the police continue to be eluded. But Emilia sees something that everyone else has missed and it’s something she can’t quite believe! Daughters of Eve is addictively fast-paced and confronting. It’s an unputdownable feminist revenge thriller.

Nina D. Campbell studied theatre and literature at university before embarking on a professional writing career. Working in the community and public sectors, her priorities changed following a midlife health challenge. Nina is now a full-time fiction writer, focussed on sharing stories about strong women. She lives in South Australia. Follow Nina D. Campbell online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Allen & Unwin, RRP $36.99

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