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Daddy Monster ABC by Diana Neild

A little boy and his teddy chase through the house and the alphabet, playing hide-and-seek with Daddy before being tucked into bed.

Daddy Monster ABC uses rhyme and rhythm to go from A to Z and all the way to bed.

It does take a few pages to figure out the rhythm, and we ended up reading it more of a chant. Reading it aloud reminded me of other stories, and it was only when looking at the author's name that it clicked into place.

Diana Neild is also the author of the award-winning Piggity-Wiggity picture book series. The rhyme and rhythm of those books is so ingrained in my mind, I now longer need the book in front of me to tell the story. Daddy Monster ABC has the potential to be much the same.

It's a simple text and one that children will be able to read themselves after a few read throughs. The simple chanting rhythm helps with recall.

Illustrator Emily Walker riffs off the monster theme, adding cute details in her simplified illustrations. Muted colours are complemented by plenty of pattern, and it makes for a nice bedtime reading.

Daddy Monster ABC is a simple alphabet bed-time story that is bound to delight little monsters.

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

OneTree House, RRP $24.


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