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Cookie by Isabelle Duff and Susannah Crispe

Cookie is amongst the new offerings from EK Books and takes a slightly off beat approach to the relationship between humans and animals. Told from the perspective of Cookie, the new excitable pup of ‘Girl’, the story unfolds as Cookie’s experience in becoming a pet.

Isabelle Duff and Susannah Crispe have put together a really beautiful story of connection and friendship - as well as a few moments which brought quite a chuckle even for the parents. A favourite line ‘The boy was called Stopit, but sometimes Girl called him Shoosh instead.’

Girl isn’t always happy though, which makes Cookie a bit sad and worried. Girl has quiet times when it seems that no one is able to cheer her up, sometimes even Cookie can’t bring back Girl’s smile.

It is a timely reminder that young children struggle with down times with things like anxiety more and more a part of their young lives. Cookie is a rich opportunity to talk about the times when things don’t seem to be going right for young people, and giving them some strategies to respond to these feelings as and when they come up.

The presentation of the book is vibrant and unique. The exploration of things from the point of view of Cookie really adds a new dimension to the story.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

EK Books


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