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Conversations with Money: A Love Story by Lynda Moore

Conversations with Money opens with a marriage breakup, as Lynda Moore shares about her breakup with her husband Gaz, something that devastated her. But she had the chance to talk to Gaz twelve years later when he was terminally ill with cancer. They got to talk about their relationship, realising that their inability to communicate about money contributed in a very significant way to their relationship ending. Lynda is determined to prevent other people and couples from making the same mistake. ’70-80% of relationships that break up blame money, yet it doesn’t have to be that way,’ Lynda says.

There is an intriguing question that comes up early on in the book, ‘If you were dating money, what would it say about you?'

The central part of this book is understanding your relationship with money, as without this understanding, budgeting is unlikely to work. It’s really interesting to read about the different money personality types, and you can do the quiz at to discover if you are a Hoarder, Spender, Avoider, Monk, Amasser or Money Mastery. There is no right or wrong personality type – they all have their pros and cons – but understanding your money personality is the starting point for understanding your relationship with money and then making changes to create more wealth in your life.

Lynda argues that managing your money should be part of your self-care routine, like brushing your teeth, and she gives you all the information you need of how to talk with your partner about money, how to be wiser around money, and examine how your money beliefs may be holding you back or helping you move forward. You will have to get the book to get to her excellent summary, but it’s worth buying this book just for that sound advice alone.

Conversations with Money is the most readable book I’ve ever encountered on this subject, and it’s full of loads of practical information that could very well change your financial situation for the better.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Money Mentalist Publishing


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