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Child Power by Raewyn Dawson

Child Power is the second in the ‘Amazon’ Series, a gripping new novel just as good as Slave Power, the first book.

Set in 300 BC, slave trading is rife in the area around the Black Sea, and many children are kidnapped and forced to live in appalling conditions in captivity. Sixteen-year-old Melo is a respected Amazon leader of the tribe The Plains who are committed to following the Peace Way, looking for peaceful resolution, if possible. But then Melo’s friend Atty is captured and put to work on a pig farm, and Melo and her tribe must try and mount a successful rescue operation against all the odds.

There are a number of other strands to this story. There is Mithrida, Melo’s sworn enemy who is determined to escape from being exiled. There is Alexander, the military genius now running the city of Voshend, who has the huge responsibility of bringing the Peace Way philosophy to a city that is still recovering from years of slave trading and the attitudes that go with it. There is Sofia, a young priestess-in-training, who must choose between love and duty.

Child Power is a riveting, well-written novel of love and adventure, with an underlying moral core of goodness. Raewyn Dawson taught Classical Studies for three years, and she became very impressed by the achievements of Alexander the Great and his era, and these series of books reflect this. Child Power is a historically-based story that is enthralling – a must read for all young adults everywhere, and adults interested in this period of history.

Melo is the main heroine of this book, and I enjoyed reading about this principled young leader and all the many challenges that come her way during the book and the considered way she responded to each crisis. And her friend Atty is the other heroine of the book – a young girl wise beyond her years, determined not just to save her skin, but to rescue all the other children trapped in slavery, despite the incredible danger. It’s refreshing to read a novel for young people with such good values, that are seamlessly weaved into a tale that is full of action and adventure. And yes, there is violence, but more often the characters find a way to resolve situations peacefully – this is clever and impressive.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Mary Egan Publishing, RRP $25.00


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