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Calm – The Magic of Sleep by Michael Acton Smith

Did you know it takes on average, seven minutes to fall asleep? We spend a third of our lives asleep, but few of us know anything about what happens during those mysterious hours.

The Magic of Sleep tells you everything about sleep you’ve wanted to know. It draws on the success of Calm; the popular online app for sleep, meditation and relaxation.

“When Alex Tew and I started Calm, the original focus of the app was meditation, but a few years ago we noticed something surprising in the data. Every evening, around 11pm, there was a huge spike in usage. We investigated, and realised that millions of people were using Tamara’s meditations to help them fall asleep at night,” says Michael.

It’s no surprise that many people around the world are struggling to get a good nights sleep. In the not so distant past, people would often boast about how little sleep they got, but now it is widely recognised as a key foundation for healthy living. Poor sleep contributes to heart disease, memory loss, weight gain and more. What I liked most about this colourful, attractive bedside companion is the ability to dip in and out, browse or try various activities.

The Magic of Sleep includes four sections – The Science of Sleep, Sleep Problems, The Dream World and The Magic of Sleep.

Ultimately, the book helps you to develop your own healthy sleep habits. It’s packed with plenty of advice, trivia, quotes and stories alongside the latest scientific research. There’s excellent tips on making your phone sleep-friendly, minimising jet lag and adjusting to shift work.

A perfect blend of inspiration, information and entertainment!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Penguin, RRP $28.00


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