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Calm the F**k Down by Sarah Knight

Do you waste time overthinking things you can’t control? Do you freak out when things don’t go to plan? Do you feel anxious and stressed? Answer yes to any of these questions and author Sarah Knight says you may need to ‘calm the f**k down’.

Her latest book in her No F**ks Given Guide Series, is all about managing stress when shi*t happens! If you enjoyed the anti-guru’s earlier books, you will enjoy her no f**ks-given guide to taking control of life. Her writing has been previously described as Oprah Winfrey style mantras meets comedian Amy Schumer obscenities.

What I like most about Sarah’s writing is her no-nonsense, practical approach and clever use of humour. Calm the F**k Down deals with everything that can and probably will happen to you – from breaks up and breakdowns to floods, family feuds and France running out of butter! She shows readers how to take stock, identify what they can control, accept what you can’t and manage their reactions. Ultimately, how to stop freaking out and get on with your life!

Sarah features numerous strategies to help tame anxiety with her NoWorries Method. My favourite is how to be honest with yourself and figure out your realistic ideal outcome (RIO). Another is productive helpful effective worrying (PHEW). Plus, how to face the flipside of freaking out. For example, if you are feeling sad or angry, Sarah shows you how to focus, repair with self-care and peace out with perspective. Instead of reassuring you that everything is going to be OK, Sarah shows you how to make a real difference.

Sarah Knight is the author of Get Your Sh*t Together and the bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k, which has been translated into 15 languages. After quitting her corporate job in New York she began a freelance career and now resides in the Dominican Republic. The terrifying decision to quit her steady career and move to a tropical island underpins much of her advice, she says.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Hachette, RRP $34.99


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