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Book Bubble has gone live!

The new podcast from best-selling authors Nicky Pellegrino and Stacy Gregg is available to listen to now. Each week inside the bubble Nicky and Stacy will be talking with talented New Zealand writers from blockbuster novelists to literary superstars.

Taranaki-born Brandy Scott might never have turned her hand to writing fiction, had it not been for a broken relationship and ruined summer holiday plans.

With her debut novel, Not Bad People, she managed that rare thing, producing a plotline that grabbed the attention of publishers who rushed to sign her up when she was still only a few thousand words into her first draft. The book also appealed to TV producer John Barnett who snapped up rights to turn it into a series.

A new Book Bubble will appear each week on Newsroom on Monday mornings. Here’s the link for the first one with Brandy Scott.

#BookBubble is made with the support of Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa


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