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Boingo and the Golden Balloon by Dylan Coburn

Dylan Coburn is a professional artist who has illustrated many children’s publications and done storyboards for movies such as The Lord of the Rings. Now he is turning his attention to a children’s picture book inspired by his son’s zest for life.

Boingo and the Golden Balloon is a very engaging counting book that also has a fun story and celebrates how great it is to be small and bouncy. The book teaches little ones how to count to 5 and some simple addition and subtraction up to the same number. It’s a lovely story with Boingo meeting new friends Racoon, Woodpecker, Caterpillar, Squirrel and Crow as he tries to retrieve his golden balloon.

The illustrations are superb and perfectly complement the story. They are in a soft colour palette and have a visual energy that brings the book wonderfully to life as Boingo leaps and jumps through the pages.

I predict Boingo and the Golden Balloon will be a popular read with young children. It’s pitch-perfect for our little readers, who will learn to read and count simultaneously with this fabulous book!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Action Junior Limited


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