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Blue by Sarah Christou

Giving young people the skills to respond to their feelings is becoming an increasingly important part of growing up. Concepts like resilience and persistence are ideas that must be taught, rather than expected. Certainly mental health teaching has shifted significantly in the last few years as we learn more and more about brain development and the impacts of all kinds of external aspects on our young people.

Blue gives young people a voice and a name to apply to how they are feeling. The wonderful thing about blue or ‘being blue’ as a descriptor for feeling sad, is that it is also a colour, and that colour is part of the rainbow of our lives. We are all capable of feeling sad, or blue. But we are all also capable of feeling vibrant and happy. It is about understanding the low so that we can appreciate the high.

Sarah Christou is very clever in the way she presents this idea to children. She pictorialises the feelings of ‘blue’ as a monster, but that monster is not something to be scared of, but something that can be tamed and understood.

This is a wonderful example of a book that has both literary but also formative value for young people today. Very much worth the time to read and enjoy Blue.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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