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Blong the Cat's Costume Caper by Karen McMillan

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Blong the Cat’s Costume Caper is a picture book about Blong, who is the cat in the main Elastic Island Adventures series. He’s based on Karen McMillan’s real life cat, Blong, who she adopted from Vanuatu.

In the story, Blong goes shopping to buy a special outfit to wear to a wedding, and he does a different dance each time he tries something on. His human, Emma, likes everything he tries on, but Ethan, Emma’s twin brother, doesn’t want to be there, and he is thoughtlessly unkind to Blong.

Blong starts off trying on a simple black bow tie, soon after a flower lei, until he’s trying on crazy things like a banana suit and mummy bandages, all in an attempt to impress Ethan!

Blong the Cat’s Costume Caper has the cutest illustrations, but it’s also a heart-warming story that has lovely messages about being kind and considerate to others. And I love that it has all these different dances and costumes - and also a counting element too! It’s perfect for children aged three and up.

Reviewer: Milla McKenzie-Brown

Published by Duckling Publishing


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