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Being a Distance Grandparent by Helen Ellis, M.A.

In Helen Ellis’s research to write Being a Distance Grandparent, she asked: “How is distance grandparenting for you?” From her research, she has written an invaluable book for families scattered around the globe, separated by geographical distance.

Helen answers all the how, why and what-if questions for distance parents and grandparents in this comprehensive book. She includes her own story and stories of others that help the reader understand they are not alone in their experiences. Because distance grandparenting is probably not the family life they had imagined, but they can make it a rich and loving experience.

Helen examines the different relationships in many families, and the emotional ramifications of distance grandparenting. She looks in detail about communicating digitally – all the good and bad of this type of modern communication. There is an excellent section on family rituals and traditions and how to build beautiful memories with the family, even if separated by distance. There is also excellent advice on the times grandparents can be with their children and grandchildren and the different things to consider making the time together successful for all involved.

This is the first of a three-book series, each publication focusing on a different generation (grandparents, sons and daughters, and grandchildren). Helen encourages people to read all three books. Being a Distance Grandparent is a thoughtful and practical guide for the many families separated around the globe – even more so in these COVID times.


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