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Bedtime, Daddy! by Sharon Giltrow

Little Bear has to put their daddy to bed, but bedtime takes such a long time with all Daddy's delay tactics. This book reverses the roles of bedtime in a fun and funny way, with a child having to put their father to bed.

It is a funny story that makes bedtime relatable from author and early childhood educator Sharon Giltrow, but the humour might miss the mark for some younger ones. My five year old needed a bit of help to understand the joke, while our six year old got it.

While it's marketed as being a way to help put fussy children to bed in a fun and positive way, I feared our two might pick up some new tricks. The daddy bear tries some well-known delaying tactics that our children have never attempted (although to be fair, we have very good sleepers and no problem with bedtimes).

For adults that have little night owls, the book will make you smile through your exhaustion. Daddy attempts everything from monsters to pj wrestling, thirst and toothbrushing to get out of bed.

The sweet twist at the end - and the wink of Daddy bear at the final page - is a subtle nod to the adults reading the book from the author and illustrator.

It's also an interesting book for its absence - but there is no Mummy. Giltrow subtly explores the bond between a father and his child in Bedtime, Daddy.

Illustrated by Katrin Dreiling, the mixed media pictures are cute and full of little details.

Bedtime, Daddy is the first book from this duo and it's a great debut that could use just a touch more polishing.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

EK Books, RRP $24.99


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