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Beauty From the Inside Out by Dr Libby

Dr Libby is a leading nutritional biochemist, and is fast becoming a New Zealand household name. Beauty From the Inside Out is the latest book from this Sydney based health guru, and is a must for women seeking an holistic approach to their wellbeing.

Beauty From the Inside Out takes a thorough look at our health as it impacts on beauty and ageing. Dr Libby takes us through the many facets of optimal body functioning, guiding us towards the lifestyle changes needed to achieve better health and vitality, one (marvelous) benefit of which is improved appearance. The role that food, nutrients and water play in physical appearance are uncovered; the function of hormones and stress in beauty are explored; the importance of sleep and keeping mobile is explained; even the impact of thoughts on our outward “shine” is considered. No stone is left unturned on the path to discovering how to get the most out of the (only) body you have.

This is the first of Dr Libby’s books I have read, and it was a pleasure. I am a big promoter of taking the holistic approach to health, and Beauty From the Inside Out offers a wealth of information on exactly that. I am accustomed to reading quite technical, textbook style health books, so I found Dr Libby’s no-nonsense, easy to read approach incredibly refreshing – and the very thing that makes this book accessible to everyone, no matter what your background. Better yet, she manages to explain quite simply the complex intricacies of anatomy and physiology without “dumbing down.”

Dr Libby is highly skilled at educating people about their bodies, and passionate about sharing her knowledge with the public, giving them both the tools and impetus for change. Beauty From the Inside Out is a book filled with these tools, and with all the necessary information for readers to get in touch with themselves, their bodies, and their needs. This is a common sense, in-depth-but-easy-to-follow book, suitable to read from start to finish, or to pick up and choose sections of particular interest. Beauty From the Inside Out, in my humble opinion, should be the new beauty bible for women everywhere.


Beauty From the Inside Out can be purchased in either paperback ($34.95) or e-book ($24.95) form, and is available on Dr Libby’s website:


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