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Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel

Winona’s life is far from the life she had envisaged for herself. She once dreamed of graduating from college and moving away from her small Michigan hometown, but her mother became ill so she stayed home to care for her before she died. The years have seemingly slipped away since, and she is in a job she dislikes and with a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to care that much for her.

Winona is introduced to the British TV series Beauchamp Hall, and this becomes a place of escape for her from her mundane existence.

But then everything comes to a head when she is passed over for promotion in her job, and she is betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend. She can’t bear to spend any more time in the US, so she buys a one-way ticket to stay at the small country town in the UK where the TV series is filmed. A holiday turns into work on the set, and before she knows it, she is living a new, and very exciting life.

Beauchamp Hall is a very enjoyable novel, a blend of romance and a young woman learning to embrace her dreams again. It’s a wonderful escapist read, perfect for whiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon, or time at the beach.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan, RRP $34.99

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