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Be Kind to Your Mind by Julia Grace

You wouldn’t know to look at Julia Grace that she has struggled with anxiety and depression; she is a born entertainer, singer and keynote speaker who comes across as bubbly, energetic and oozing confidence. But by reading Be Kind to Your Mind, Julia reveals another side of herself as she generously shares her personal struggles, using stories and loads of fabulous humour. It’s personal, but she also incorporates science, based on 30 years of teaching, that backs up her stories with some well-considered data.

The first part of the book is all about ‘Saddling up the Chihuahua’, where Julia shares her personal story and then invites you to do some reflective activities. As she says, ‘my life is a long series of getting knocked off my high horse and getting back on progressively small horses. And right now, I’m saddling up a chihuahua.’

The second part of the book has ‘grabable words’ where Julia shares the practical language tools she teaches in businesses, schools and conferences around the world. My personal favourite is getting yourself a ‘jelly buddy’, someone who will check in on you, whether or not you are having an off day or not.

The book includes a free download of the songs featured in the stories, all songs that feature on Julia Grace’s albums – which is a huge bonus, as Julia sure can sing!

Julia has created an interactive book that is for everyone, because we all have what she would call ‘wobbly days’ where we need a bit of help to get through. This is a fabulous book for anyone, an enjoyable read that will definitely boost your mental health, and also give you some strategies for the days when you are feeling wobbly.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan


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