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As Cooked on TikTok: Fan favourites and recipes exclusives from more than 40 TikTok creators!

Last year, a friend shared a simple baked feta pasta recipe she had seen on TikTok, suggesting I try it. The #BakedFetaPasta recipe already had hundreds of millions of views. It was surprisingly easy and delicious; a block of feta, tomatoes and olive oil cooked in the oven before mixing with pasta and fresh basil. I was soon curious to discover more #FoodTok flavours, hacks, tips and tricks.

“If you love to cook, your phone has become just as important as a sharp knife,” are the opening words in the first official TikTok cookbook. It’s full of the biggest #FoodTok trends, displaying innovative cooking and fun dishes to make at home. The world’s most popular TikTok creators share their tried and tested #simplerecipes from #mugcakes to the #fetapasta and #bakedoats.

This is the first cookbook from the community’s best-loved food creators, but I suspect it won’t be the last! Creators recipes are featured alongside renowned chefs sharing their favourite tools and pro home cooking tips. There’s even a foreword from British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

When Gordon first heard of TikTok from his daughter Tilly, he thought it was just about dancing, but he soon discovered how inventive users were when it came to food.

“…from the viral recipes to the simple hacks to some of the most outrageous dishes I’ve even seen. I realised then that TikTok was more than entertainment, it was creating the next generation of foodies – and still is,” he says.

What has made cooking on TikTok so special is the connection. When you post a video of your take on a recipe everyone’s making, you become part of the community and a creator yourself. From cake bakers to air fryer enthusiasts this book includes 70 delicious recipes for the best dishes shared on TikTok and the new viral dishes you’ll want to know about.

TikTok is known for its game-changing life hacks – new ways of doing everyday things. Anytime there’s a hack that can help you with the recipe, it’s included for easy reference. Learn it, master it and pass it along to friends and family! Plus, every recipe includes a QR code. Scan and watch the recipe video or see how others have been putting their spin on it. If you want to share your own content, there’s also a helpful guide on how to make a great cooking video too. There’s a useful TikTok creator index.

Recipes are categorised by breakfast any time, party starters, low-key dinners, high-key dinners, eat your veggies, sweet treats and, day and night beverages. Subgenres include #steak, #cake, #drink and more. There’s plenty of food inspo for everyone, vegan and vegetarian included.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Ebury Press


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