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Are You My Bottom? by Kate Temple and Jol Temple

Poor Panda has lost his bottom. It was there when he went to sleep but now it has disappeared.He searches high and low, and finds stripy bums, pink butts, feathery derrieres. 'Are you my bottom?' he asks, but none of these bottoms are his. Finally, he spots a furry bum which just has to be his.

Inspired by PD Eastman's classic, Are You My Mother?, this is both a fun and funny story every little person is going to love.

Are You My Bottom is a cheeky picture book from the authors of Parrot Carrot and I Got This Hat. Once again the pair have created a delightful rhyming book, perfect for lovers of silly wordplay and funny pictures.

The Temples have done a great job with the story, with the rhyme flowing throughout the pages. While I hadn't head the word 'bot' since my grandparents used it, it was a nice wee flashback to past days.

The illustrations are perfectly paired to the story. Each character is full of personality. The pages are bright, bold, quirky and have lots of things to explore and discuss. They are also fun for the adults, with little jokes hidden within to keep parents engaged.

Are You My Bottom easily entertains the kids, while not boring the parents. It's fun, and cheeky, and makes for an amusing storytime.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Allen and Unwin, RRP $22.99


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