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Annual 3 edited by Susan Paris & Kate De Goldi

Annual 3 is the perfect mix of fiction, poems, essays, art and crafts for children aged 9 to 13, all by various talented New Zealand authors and creators. There is something here for everyone's taste, with contributions by well-known names and new talent.

I love the diversity in this robust hardback volume. Who can resist a comic about head lice who have been 'infesting hair since the dawn of time'? Or a 'Knit Your Own Brains' knitting pattern, stylishly photographed using pink yarn? There is also a song with sheet music, 'Same Blue Sky,' so you can practice your piano playing skills, a variety of poems and flash non-fiction.

You can learn how to be a better environmentalist, forage for kai, or enjoy the photos about replacing the toilet paper holder when empty. There are also some great short stories written by James Brown, Bernard Beckett, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Amber Eau, Arini Beautrais, and J. Wiremu Kane.

There are oodles of illustrations in Annual 3 that showcase some of our best illustrators, including Kimberly Andrews, Toby Morris, Dylan Horrocks, Gavin Bishop and Daron Parton. Annual 3 is distinctly Kiwi in its look and content.

It's a miserable wet day while I'm writing this, and I can't help but think Annual 3 is the perfect book to curl up with. Even for reluctant readers, there is so much to enjoy here. It's a true treasure trove of diverse material with broad appeal.

Now excuse me while I finish the crossword by Ben Brown on page 74…

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Annual Ink


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