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Anchored by Debra Tidball, illustrated by Arielle Li

In Anchored, the bond between parent and child is represented by a colossal container ship and a small tug boat.

When Ship sets to sea, Tug gets on with its day, but can’t help missing Ship and feeling a little lonely - to Tug, even the sea shines less brightly when Ship isn’t around.

Ship’s return is signalled by a series of toots and booms between the two which will be sure to delight the youngsters listening as the story unfolds.

As Ship recalls its mission, it reveals to Tug how thinking of Tug made Ship feel brave when the wild waves set in, and feel less lonely when it realised it was “just a dot in an endless blue of sea and sky”.

Combining thoughtful prose and quality illustrations - kids will adore the cute cartoon faces of Tug and Ship - this book is as comforting as a hug from a beloved caregiver. As well as appealing to all children, this book could also specifically be used as a tool to console, rouse resilience and remind an upset child of an unbreakable bond: a child who is anxious about going to kindy or school, a child whose parent has to travel for work, or a child whose parents have separated.

Reviewer: Stacey Anyan

Exisle Publishing


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