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Allergic to Perfect by Natalie Tolhopf

Written in a lively and accessible way, Allergic to Perfect is a book that every woman in business should go and purchase. Natalie is a business coach, and in her book, she details her journey through two failed businesses, burn out and Bell’s Palsy, to emerging the other side with a successful business in the six-figures. A key thing she learnt was to banish her addiction to perfection, something she believes holds many people from running successful businesses.

Social media is a big area that is highlighted in the book, and Natalie urges people to stop comparing themselves with other people’s social media highlights, which are often unrealistic or even unreal. Instead, the author urges people to trust their intuition, to let go of any self-sabotaging habits, and go into their business with self-belief.

The book is full of easy-to-read chapters covering everything from letting go of fear and replacing it with self-confidence. Adopting successful mindset practices and embracing who you are and your unique voice. Stopping procrastination and getting things done. And then getting comfortable with building your income to six figures and beyond.

Allergic to Perfect is an invaluable guide for women in business or anyone thinking of going into business and written in a personable style that is a lovely breath of fresh air.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan


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